• Weekly Playlists

    Songs About Spring!

    Songs about Spring! A playlist about the weather, the feelings, and all that spring brings. Find a nice patch of green grass, and dive into this playlist. Better bring a rain jacket if you're in the Pacific Northwest. And if you suffer from pollen allergies - please take an Allegra or Claritin.

  • Musical criticism and commentary

    The people of Belle and Sebastian’s songs and their sad, tragic lives.

    The people of Belle and Sebastian’s songs might seem like a smorgasbord for psychological studies. If one looks throughout the Belle and Sebastian catalog, you’ll find the people of Belle and Sebastian’s songs feel a lot of sadness and experience a great deal of tragedy. Still – the people of Belle and Sebastian’s songs give us something to relate to. The people of Belle and Sebastian’s songs make us aware of those that need help in our lives. Finally, the people of Belle and Sebastian’s songs make us feel empathy and compassion. Even for the most wretched and tragic figures. If You’re Feeling Sinister If you’re Feeling Sinister is a…

  • Weekly Playlists

    Homeward Bound – Back to life…

    Remember when the Hobbits returned to the Shire at the end of LOTR? Samwise was thrilled, Frodo - well he wasn't so much. While my Texas adventure might not have been akin to a journey to Mordor, it was long and sort of epic. It certainly was dangerous as I almost died from H1N! (GET YOUR FLU SHOTS PEOPLE). This playlist explores the emotions and what not of returning to reality...returning back to life. Enjoy.

  • Weekly Playlists

    British Sampler Volume 1.

    We started this journey with a road trip and have since traveled to Japan and France. Now we travel through the Chunnel to explore our British Sampler. This playlist is, perhaps, my favorite one thus far and features some of my favorite artists and songs. Still, there are bands that I just couldn’t fit into this volume. So if you don’t see some of your favorite artists, fear not. We will definitely have a British Sampler Volume 2. I tried to give a good overview of the island, and included music from several decades, genres, and regions. There’s everything from Scottish twee and post rock, to Welsh folk music, to…