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Which Cover of Take On Me Supasses the Original?

Which Cover of Take On Me surpasses the original? I review covers by Weezer, MXPX, Reel Big Fish, A. C. Newman, Hello India Calling, 8 Bit Arcade, Seven Handle Circus, Anni B Sweet, and even an acoustic version by A-Ha themselves!

Cover Sampler: Volume 1

Cover Sampler: Volume 1, takes one cover from each “cover vs original” article. We also add songs from “the best covers ever,” and a few odds and ends to round the playlist out. All in all, Cover Samper Volume: 1 will give you a great two hours of music. Featuring covers by Johnny Cash, Tori Amos, Patti Smith, Jimi Hendrix, The Ramones, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Cake, Adele, Lorde, The Barenaked Ladies, Weird Al Yankovic…..the list goes on! You’re sure to find a cover you love on Cover Sampler: Volume 1.

The Best Cover Songs Ever

The Best Cover Songs…ever (part 1)

What are some of the best covers ever recorded? Some of these songs are well known, some are only known to a handful of people. There’s big names on this list, and there are lesser known names as well. Which names are on this list? And what covers did they do? Only one way to find out….

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