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    Best Albums of 2018

    The end of the year is a time of reflection on all the good music we've heard. 2018 had a lot of amazing albums, and a lot of amazing artists. Join me as I explore my favorite albums of 2018. Some of these albums will be familiar to you, and some not so familiar. Regardless - you'll love what year hear!

  • Musical criticism and commentary

    Mack the Knife – The Many Lives of a Murder Ballad.

    If you know the song, “Mack the Knife,” you probably know the Bobby Darin version more than any other version. You might even think that’s the only version, or that maybe Darin’s is the original version. If you believe this, you’re dead wrong. “Mack the Knife” is a standard that has been done by everyone from The Psychedelic Furs to Louise Armstrong. Fun fact: The character of Jack “Mack the Knife” MacHeath is a fictional descendant of none other than Jack the Ripper! Another fun fact: The original song, sung in German, was a murder ballad composed for “Die Dreigroschenoper”  (in English, “The Three Penny Opera”). The song was originally…

  • Musical criticism and commentary

    Song Rating – 5 Intersecting Points in Time and Space.

    A few weeks ago, in my post, “It’s ok to like bad music,” I explore a theory for song rating. I stated that rating a song can be done with a three axis cube, ie a three dimensional box. As I explored this theory a bit in my own mind, as well as looking at the research of others, I discovered this theory is wrong. The cube is actually a fourth or fifth dimensional object (depends on how you view time – but we’ll get to that later). Song rating has five specific areas that makes it “good” or “bad.” I put good and bad in quotation marks because there’s…