Homeward Bound – Back to life…

Back to Life - back to reality...

Folks, my Texas adventure is over. I’m still a bit weak from the flu I got in transit (seriously, go get a flu shot people), but for the most part it’s back to life – back to reality. Unfortunately – one thing that is not back to normal – I don’t have a proper article for this week. Sorry. Next week though – I swear!

What do I have for you instead? Why a super great playlist. This playlist focuses on coming home. I give you songs about my own hometown of Portland, Oregon. There’s songs about traveling. There’s also songs about the journey we all find ourselves on – eventually. You might get lost with TMBG, or maybe walk on the water with Toad the Wet Sprocket. There’s even a Rod Stewart song – and I will admit I kind of dislike Rod Stewart – but the song worked! Even if you’re never coming home like Erasure – you’ll still find yourself facing reality eventually. You’ll still find yourself back to life even if your life is in a city you only intended to visit for a couple weeks.

OK – I’m stretching things here. Enjoy the playlist!

Back to life can be depressing

Seriously – as I find myself settling back into my normal routine – I find myself kind of sad. I mean – I am really happy to be back in Portland. I cheered when my plane touched down and I set foot in PDX. Still – there’s a few things that I didn’t miss about this city. Of course those things stick out like a sore thumb or a bad cliché.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, I recommend you do something fun when you get home. It doesn’t have to be anything big – maybe just go to a restaurant you like or go to a movie or something. Just have some fun dangit! You just came from lala land, and the whole reentry thing – the whole back to life thing – can be hard on your psyche. Also – when stuck at work and in the thick of the blehs, think about your adventure. Keep those memories as a sort of fuel to your mind. Oh – and don’t feel too bad if you need to go cry in the supply closet on your break. I’ve certainly done that after a fun vacation myself!

Until next time – safe travels – and safe journeys home….

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