About AudioPerfecta

Audioperfecta - bringing good music to good people.AudioPerfecta.com is a blog about music. What kind of music? All kinds! AudioPerfecta strives for genre agnosticism. Our tagline, “bringing good music to good people,” describes our mission. We want to bring you music that you’ll enjoy. Granted, you’ll probably not find much top 40 here – there’s plenty of exposure for that kind of music elsewhere. AudioPerfecta is interested in bringing you music that’s probably not on your radar. Maybe it’s a brand new song. Perhaps it’s a song you used to know, but forgot about. Maybe a deep cut from a well known artist. It might even be an alternative or live version of a popular song. The point is, we’re not here to bring you the same music you’ll find in several other places.

About Aaron

Aaron is the owner and chief contributor of AudioPerfecta. Aaron started AudioPerfecta because of his passion for music. He is a bonafide music nerd, and loves to dig deep into what makes a song good.  He is a native of Portland, Oregon, and has a BA in English, and also keeps a blog, showcasing his other writings.

About Cristina

Cristina is in charge of catching all of Aaron’s mistakes, because he makes a lot of them!

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