50 States and 50 Songs

A playlist featuring a song for every state! And (spoilers) a 51st song for Washington DC. This playlist was the hardest playlist to date to put together – but it was worth it. Why? This was playlist number 50!!! I had to do something special.

A Playlist About Texas

Folks, as I write this – I’m currently in Texas. So – I decided why not create a playlist about Texas. When in Rome and all that. So here it is – the playlist about Texas. I hope you enjoy it.

New York City Volume 1.

The travel playlist continues, and this time we’re going to New York City. We’ve hopped aboard a Concorde, and then realized they don’t fly those anymore. So instead, we boarded another plane at Heathrow and traveled across the Antlantic. We’re back in America to bring you our New York City Volume 1 playlist. This sampler …

New York City Volume 1. Read More »

British Sampler Volume 1.

We started this journey with a road trip and have since traveled to Japan and France. Now we travel through the Chunnel to explore our British Sampler. This playlist is, perhaps, my favorite one thus far and features some of my favorite artists and songs. Still, there are bands that I just couldn’t fit into …

British Sampler Volume 1. Read More »

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