Songs About Spring!

Songs About Spring!

Spring is here! The winter has passed and the freezing evenings have fled! Some parts of the country had one of the worse winters in recent memory. While my Portland Winter was nowhere near as bad as a midwest winter, we had our own set of trials. No major snowpocalypse events, but enough close calls that most of February was a touch and go game. Would we be able to get out on any given day? Probably, but you just didn’t know! And oh – it was so cold, even if we could get around! Anyways – to commemorate the passing of this heckish winter (and hellish in some parts of the country, I bring you Songs About Spring!

What is a song about spring? A song about spring celebrates all things about…spring. Some of these songs pay homage to the weather itself. The often sunny, sometimes cloudy, sometimes rainy winter (remember, I live in the Pacific Northwest!). Some of these songs celebrate themes about the Season – Beautiful Day by U2, Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós. Some talk about the months of May, April, and March. Regardless – songs about spring will have you wanting to go out and explore as the temperature rises.


Speaking of Songs about Spring…

If you know anything about SEO plugins, you’ll know they like to cuss you out if you don’t include your focus keyphrase in at least one heading. So there you go. Even though I have no more to say on the playlist called “Songs about Spring.” What I do have to tell you though is even more exciting than springtime! Tomorrow, I’ll be doing an artist exploration on Celtic Progressive Rockers, Iona. Be prepared for some major ear candy!

Speaking of artists exploration, I had so much fun ripping Nickelback a new one that one time, I want to give another terrible artist the same treatment. I’m thinking maybe Maroon 5 should be next, but I’m open to suggestions. If you have them, send me a tweet. Just don’t say Insane Clown Posse, or you will be crucified.

Finally, some exciting news. If you follow AudioPerfecta on Twitter or Facebook, you may have noticed something new the last week. I’ve started a new feature – The Cover of the day (#coveroftheday). Covers have always been a key component in AudioPerfecta’s strategy, so I figured…why not? I’ll be making a formal announcement on Saturday, so consider this a reward for anyone who reads all the way to the end of my playlist posts. I love you guys. Really….I do.

Come back tomorrow for Iona!

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