Top 40

The 45th Parallel

The 45th Parallel showcases the top songs for the week of December 10th (or thereabouts) for the last 45 years. Happy 45 to me!

Homeward Bound – Back to life…

Remember when the Hobbits returned to the Shire at the end of LOTR? Samwise was thrilled, Frodo – well he wasn’t so much. While my Texas adventure might not have been akin to a journey to Mordor, it was long and sort of epic. It certainly was dangerous as I almost died from H1N! (GET YOUR FLU SHOTS PEOPLE). This playlist explores the emotions and what not of returning to reality…returning back to life. Enjoy.

It’s Ok to Like Bad Music

I out myself as a Kelly Clarkson fan here – and I give some excuses why. Trust me, if you know me at all, you’ll want to read this. You’ll be mocking me for years for this one folks. There’s even mention of a Vanilla Ice Song, and not even Ice Ice bab

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