British Sampler Volume 1.

British Sampler. But wait, why is Ireland there? We're not visiting Ireland... Yet.We started this journey with a road trip and have since traveled to Japan and France. Now we travel through the Chunnel to explore our British Sampler.

This playlist is, perhaps, my favorite one thus far and features some of my favorite artists and songs. Still, there are bands that I just couldn’t fit into this volume. So if you don’t see some of your favorite artists, fear not. We will definitely have a British Sampler Volume 2.

I tried to give a good overview of the island, and included music from several decades, genres, and regions. There’s everything from Scottish twee and post rock, to Welsh folk music, to London punk, and so much more. I hope you enjoy it! As always, let me know of anything obscure and fantastic I should include on the next British Sampler.

Where will go next? Maybe somewhere near, maybe somewhere far. It could be as close as Ireland, or perhaps We’ll travel to Australia or Zimbabwe or the New world. We might even travel to an innhabitable place; I hear some scientists in Antarctica formed a band. Every so often, NASA shows someone on the International Space Station playing a guitar. You won’t know until next Friday!

Speaking of Friday, there’s just two Fridays left in June. As of July 1, will be fully live, for better or for worse! We’ll still be bringing you playlists, but we’ll also be bringing you other segments and articles. Want a sneak preview of the content? Well…. you’ll just have to wait. However, if you look in the archives you’ll see a few articles imported from my other website pointing to the direction is heading. Stick around, it’s going to be quite an adventure. Besides, when this website is the hottest thing on the internet, you can say you were here first.

See you next week!

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