• Covers of Ring of Fire
    Cover vs Original

    Which Cover of Ring of Fire Burns the Brightest?

    Join me as I compare Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" to several covers, including Eric Burdon and The Animals, a second version by the Eric Burdon band, Wall of Voodoo, Dwight Yoakam, Social Distortion, Frank Zappa, and Alan Jackson. What makes them stand out from each other, and what makes each version similar?

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    Punk Rawk Covers!

    Yesterday, I gave you an essay about Punk Covers. I talked about how the genre of punk rock (or rawk, if you prefer), lends itself to the concept of a cover. I gave several examples of punk rawk covers as well! It only feels natural to take those examples, and give you, my readers, a punk rawk covers playlist.  This playlist will, of course, include the songs I mention in yesterdays article. This article will also explore other punk covers as well. Songs that follow the points I made yesterday, but for one reason or another, were not mentioned in the article even so. For the second time in a…

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    Punk Covers and Why They Rock.

    A couple years ago, I started to explore an interesting sub-genre – the punk cover.  The rules of the sub-genre are quite simple – it’s got to be a song, any song, covered by a punk band.  The sub-genre has a massive amount of songs. Some punk artists will do entire albums of nothing but punk covers! While the internet has certainly spread a good amount of light on the sub-genre, this is hardly a new phenomenon. MxPx did an entire “On the Cover” album in the mid 90s. Of course, Dead Kennedys did a couple amazing covers in the 80s – but we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Sure,…