Music From Ireland

Saint Patrick’s Day is just a couple of days away. As someone without one drop of Irish blood in me, this really means nothing to me. Well, maybe an excuse to drink a Guinness Stout. At the same time, I love Irish music. So what better time than to do a salute to the musicians that hail from the Emerald Isle? Music From Ireland, this week’s playlist, is that salute.

Music From Ireland features some of my favorite bands. U2 for one. After all, they are one of the biggest bands in the world. There are also artists such as Clannad, Flogging Molly, Van Morrison, The Corrs, The Cranberries, Enya, Celtic Women, The Irish Rovers, Thin Lizzy, The Pogues, Sinéad O’Connor, and more. My litmus test was essentially “did they come from Ireland?” Aside from a few pop acts that I don’t care for too much (Snow Patrol and a handful of boy/girl bands), I was pretty indiscriminate on my choices. The results are quite an eclectic collection, for certain. More importantly, Music From Ireland shows us the impact Irish bands have made on music worldwide!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone. Be sure to read past the playlist to see what I’ve got planned for future articles!

Music from Ireland

Music from Ireland, Canada, Australia, and more!

Folks, this is just one of a series of location-based playlists. To launch AudioPerfecta, I released a “round the world road trip” of playlists. This road trip had stops in Japan, Paris, The United Kingdom, New York, and finally my hometown of Portland. I also recently did a playlist featuring Australian artists. Which country or city should I do next? I already know I need to do a playlist featuring Canada, as they have a ton of amazing artists. But who else? And what songs should I include? Let me know in the comments below.

Exciting stuff is happening in AudioPerfecta land, people! Firstly, did you read my Cover vs Original on I Think We’re Alone Now? That article was so much fun to write! Another article that will probably be just as fun to write will come at you in a couple more weeks. It’s going to be a little different, as it only focuses on one version of one song. No covers, just the original. I’ll be discussing White Town’s 1997 hit “Your Woman,” and why it’s such an amazing and fun song. I can’t wait to put fingers to keys on that project.

Oh, and as Steve Jobs used to say, And one more thing. No, no, I’m not launching an iPhone, but I am finally defining first wave, second wave, and third-wave cover. I’ll be releasing an article on my personal site,, which will focus on new terminology. Included will be an abridged version of the definition. Of course, I’ll also be writing a full article right here in a month or so.

Until next time, Rock on and rock steady!

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