Japanese Sampler Volume 1

Today’s playlist will be a little different than the normal audioperfecta playlist. The other day I decided I wanted to explore the Japanese noise / shoegazer scene. I did a simple search on Spotify, and found myself in more music than I could handle. Of course I didn’t stay in the genre. I explored some psychedelic rock, EDM, folk, and even a little pop. It was quite the education! So to share said education, I present to you a playlist of some of the music I found. There’s a few songs sprinkled in that I already knew and felt fit into the list, but most of this is music that I had no idea existed until the other day.

These songs are in no particular order, and not everyone will like everything. I suggest this list be played on shuffle, and don’t feel bad if you feel like skipping a song or two. Is ther a song you think should be on this list, let me know! I’m more than open to making a Volume 2.

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