Music from Australia

I’ve always been obsessed with Australia. Ever since I remember hearing about the land down under, it seemed like a magical place. Maybe it’s the diverse and unique fauna, maybe it’s the fact that every Australian I’ve ever met has been extremely cool and nice. Well, actually, strike that. I used to run audio for an Aussie who was a total control freak, but I digress. My point, something about Australia has captured my heart and has yet to let go. Of course, the music from Australia has also captured my heart. Thus, I’ve decided to celebrate said music with this week’s playlist.

Music from Australia features everyone from the Bee Gees to AC/DC. INXS, Air Supply, Men At Work, Wolfmother, The Church, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Seekers, and more! This week’s playlist might seem all over the place, but I feel the flow works well regardless. Of course, I’ve included a few lesser-known artists such as The Saints, Dragon, and Cold Chisel. I’ve also included John Farnham, immediately followed by Rebecca St. James covering John Farnham. And yes, The Divinyls are on this playlist. But no – it isn’t that song! Come on, Chrissy Amphlett deserves to be remembered as more than a one-hit wonder! Sheesh. And don’t get me started on Gotye. But again, I digress.

My point being, despite the absolute diversity of music on this playlist, Music from Australia will sure to bring you two hours of great music. Enjoy!

Music from Australia

Want More Music from Australia?

Folks, one of the songs I featured in this week’s playlist, Beds are Burning by Midnight Oil, is the topic of a Cover Vs Original. In fact, that was the last Cover Vs Original I wrote, as I’ve been focusing more on Artists Explorations. Well, it’s time for another one. I don’t have a publishing date yet, but I hope to get some work done on the next Cover vs Original this weekend. And yes, I realize I’ve been pretty loose about getting featured articles out recently, but considering all the stuff that has been happening not only in the World, but in my own state, I feel like I’ve earned a breather. No pun intended though I’m happy the air is once again breathable here in Oregon. Unfortunately, Wildfires are a connection that Oregon and Australia have this year.

Anyways, stay safe. Let’s hope for good things in October. Let’s hope for great things in November (I’ve got my fingers crossed we don’t have four more years of he who shall not be named). And in December? Well, let’s hope it’s the best December we’ve ever had.

Rock on, Rocksteady!

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