French Sampler Volume 1.

Viva la French Sampler Playlist!

Several years back in an airport outside of Tokyo, I heard the following announcement: Now boarding, Non-stop to Paris. I had just gotten off a flight from LA, which is an obscenely long flight. Still, I was impressed at the length of the Tokyo to Paris flight. Anyways, as my loyal fans know, last week I posted a Japanese Sampler. So, having the airport experience gave me the inspiration to do a French Sampler as well. Ok, ok, maybe it was partly guided by the fact that I was watching Parks and Recreation the other day; The one where Leslie’s husband whisks her off to Paris. Meh, whatever. Inspiration is inspiration.

About this French Sampler playlist. Like the Japanese playlist, this is just a quick overview and is in no means meant to be exhaustive. This playlist may work best on shuffle, and don’t be afraid to skip a track if it doesn’t tickle your fancy, I won’t mind. I included a mixture of old favorites and new discoveries. While you might know some of these songs, you probably won’t know them all. Finally, if there’s a song that should be on, let me know. I’m using volume 1 in the title for a reason!


Are you enjoying the travel series? If so, let me know! And be sure to come back next week when I explore yet another land. Will it be Antarctica? Canada? Ireland? Maybe I’ll make another French Sampler. Or maybe I’ll move to another land altogether. You won’t know until you come back! Next Friday! It’s going to be a good, good time. Until then, may the road rise to meet your feet. And may the wind be at your back. Happy trails to you, until we meet again. In all seriousness, I really do want to know what you think, as feedback helps make this site better.

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