New York City Volume 1.

New York City Playlist. The travel playlist continues, and this time we’re going to New York City. We’ve hopped aboard a Concorde, and then realized they don’t fly those anymore. So instead, we boarded another plane at Heathrow and traveled across the Antlantic. We’re back in America to bring you our New York City Volume 1 playlist.

This sampler contains some of our favorite bands…. They Might be Giants, Blonde Redhead, the Ramones. And so much variety! Hip Hop, Punk, Rock, Indie, and even Frank Sinatra. KISS, The Beastie Boys, Grand Master Flash, and even a few artists you’ve never heard. While there’s certainly a lot of music featured as always, we probably missed a few quintessential New York artists. Alas, fear not. Just as we said in the Great Britain sampler, we will do a volume 2. So if we missed a band you thought should be included, let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

Enjoy the New York City Sampler, and make sure to comeback next Friday for the last travel playlist.

Where will the final playlist take us? We’ve traveled to Great Britain, France, and Japan. We’ve taken a Road trip with the kids yelling – “are we there yet?” We’ve even explored the vast plains of Antarctica! Well, OK – maybe we haven’t done that last one. But maybe next Friday is the week we do (spoiler alert, it isn’t). With one more travel playlist left in this series, you’ll just have to wait and see what exotic destination we hit next.

Remember, the site officially launches July 1st! We have a lot of fun and surprises planned for the month of July and beyond. Keep checking back, or better yet, subscribe to our email list – that way you’ll never miss a new and exciting article from AudioPerfecta. See you next week!

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