Hooray for Crooners!

My earliest memory of a crooner comes from a Porky Pig cartoon entitled Swooner Crooner. The cartoon features a male chicken crooning, while all the hens sway, faint, and cry “fraaaaanky!” At my young age, I thought it was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. In fact, for most of my life, I’ve not really cared about crooners. I remember seeing the movie There’s Something About Mary and thinking that Jonathan Richman was weird for wanting to sing the way he does. My tastes, however, have changed. Now I embrace the crooner genre, and I’ve even seen Richman in concert! So, to celebrate the genre and my ever-changing taste in music, I present to you this week’s playlist, Hooray for Crooners!

As you might have guessed, these crooners aren’t all “traditional” crooners. Sure, I have Sinatra, Dean Martin, Mel Tormé, Nat King Cole, and the likes. I have modern crooners as well, such as Harry Connick Jr and Michael Bublé. But, I also have some non-traditional crooners. I’ve already mentioned Jonathan Richman. There’s Morrissey (with The Smiths), The Smoking Popes, and Echo and The Bunnymen. I’ve even included several female crooners. Natalie Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones, and Nina Simone, just to name a few. We’ve got everyone from Perry Como to Chris Isaak, Elvis Presley to Elvis Costello. So, say it with me. Hooray for Crooners!

I hope you enjoy this week’s playlist. Make sure to read past the playlists and catch a glimpse of the upcoming attractions.

Hooray for Crooners

Hooray for crooners and hooray for new content!

I’ve been writing so much more recently, and I feel amazing! Seriously, runners have runners high, well we writers have writer’s high. And I’ve been getting a huge writer’s high for several weeks. I’m trying to push an article out every two weeks. Last week was a Cover vs Original on I Think We’re Alone Now, next week is an article exploring White Town’s 1997 classic song, Your Woman. I’ve already gotten the copy written, I just need to edit! Oh, and I’ve also got a new article at aaronjedwards.com, and it hints at an upcoming article I’ll publish here! So go over there and check it out! It’ll publish about the same time this playlist publishes.

Speaking of future articles, what do you want me to cover? Is there a cover vs originals you want me to tackle? Or maybe a retro album review? I’m looking for ideas, so leave anything you can in the comments below.

Until next time, my loyal readers. Rock on, and rock steady!

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