Blasting Guitars 2: Wake the Neighbors

Last week, I promised a rock and roll playlist that will be almost all rise. A bunch of high energy, loud AF songs guaranteed to wake your neighbors. Well, this week, I have provided such a playlist. This week’s playlist is loud and unapologetic. If you listen to this week’s playlist at 3 AM, you will most likely get complaints by anyone in earshot, and maybe a visit from the cops for disturbing the peace. So yeah, be a good person and don’t play this at 3 AM. But I digress.

Blasting Guitars 2: Wake the Neighbors features artists who decidedly rock your socks off. Mötorhead, AC/DC, Nirvana, Joan Jett, Pearl Jam, Twisted Sister, Vixen. Of course, there are a few surprises as well. I just can’t seem to make a rock playlist without including Sleater-Kinney or The New Pornographers these days. There’s even a few covers. U2 covering the Beatles, Leo covering AC/DC, and more. Wake the Neighbors delivers 2 full hours of hard-rocking fun and noisy guitars. So play Blasting Guitars 2 as loud as your environment allows. But seriously, try not to upset the neighbors too much. They know where you live after all.

Rock out this week with Blasting Guitars 2: Wake the Neighbors.

Wake the  Neighbors

More music to wake the neighbors!

If you want more blasting guitars and more music to wake the neighbors, you got it! Check out the original Blasting Guitars playlist. There’s also the It Might Get Loud series of playlists: Volumes 1, 2, and 3. And don’t forget, Women and Guitars as well as Women in Punk! If that’s not enough loud and screaming guitars, just be patient. I love rock and roll and I’ll be delivering more playlists like these.

Maybe you have a theme you want me to explore in an upcoming rock playlist, or maybe just a theme in general. Let me know in the comments, or say something on my Twitter or Facebook.

No featured article this week, but make sure to come back a week from Saturday. I’ve got a huge surprise for everyone. What is it? Well, that’s the surprise! Put it on your calendars, it’s going to be monumental.

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