Dynamic Songs

It’s Monday. Yeah, even if you’re working from home, Mondays suck. Heck, even I say Mondays suck, and Mondays are the end of my work week. But I digress. Mondays require a little extra oomph. Mondays need a little extra get up and go. Maybe that little extra something comes from a pot of strong coffee, or maybe it comes from the music you choose to start your week out with. While I recommend both coffee and music, I really can’t afford to buy everyone a cup of coffee. I can, however, provide you with a playlist of dynamic songs that will get your Monday started outright.

Dynamic Songs is a playlist to get you moving and get you energized. If Barney Stinson heard this playlist, he might even describe it as “all rise.” Ok, maybe not. Barney’s Get Psyched playlist featured mostly metal and hard rock. Dynamic Songs, however, features a variety of styles. From The Ramones to Jonathan Richman. From Sleater-Kinney to The Bangles. New Order, Allison Moyet, Sleigh Bells, The Beatles, Joan Jett, and more! Punk, proto-pop, EDM, Electronica, Post-punk, and even a few oldies and covers. This week’s playlist will fit a variety of musical tastes.

Get pumped, the week has just begun!

Dynamic Songs

If you want more Dynamic songs…

Then check out a few other playlists. Might I suggest Captivating songs Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3? There’s also Pump Up the Volume. Oh, but maybe you want something a little more rock-driven. Well, fear not. Next Week’s playlist will be an homage to rock and roll. It will be something that would make Barney Stinson proud, let’s just say that. So come back next week and check it out!

And remember, come back later this week for our featured article. I’ll be doing a cover vs original, as I haven’t done one of those in quite some time. I had one scheduled a couple of weeks ago, but another topic caught my fancy, so… What song am I doing? That’s a surprise. You’ll have to come back on Saturday when all will be revealed.

Keep your chin up folks, you’ve made it through Monday. It’s all smooth sailing from here.

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