Women and Guitars

Last week, as I was assembling 80s hard rock playlist, I noticed something – most of the hard rockers from the 80s are male. This, of course, is a problem spanning all genres and times of rock music, and I am far, far farrrrrr, from the only person to notice this….in fact I’m probably the billionth person. Yet the lack of female representation in rock music still remains a problem. Even in 2019, rock and roll is mostly a boys club. Yeah – we have more female rock acts than ever (or at least female led), but throughout rock and roll history, women have been significantly misrepresented. I guess society just wants our women to sound pretty – instead of wailing on heavy guitars and screaming their vocals. Well – I for one enjoy women rocking out every much as I love hearing men. Joan Jett is equal or better than Bon Jovi! Belly and Veruca Salt can hold their own against Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Simply put, Women and Guitars rock!

Women and Guitars is a playlist celebrating rock bands that focus on women. Some of these bands have a front woman, while most of the band is male (Garbage, Jefferson Airplane). Some of these bands are solely made up of female members (Sleater-Kinney), while most of these bands are a mixture of male and female members (Belly, Lush, Heart). Regardless of the members, the thesis is the same…Women and guitars rock.

Play Women and Guitars loud! Seriously, you want the neighbors to hear this playlist!

Women and Rock

Women and Guitars: Volume 2

There were so many artists I could have included that I did not, so a volume 2 will happen in the future! Maybe even in the next few months. I have a lot of playlists planned, but I really had a lot of fun putting this specific playlist together. Of course, I am always open to suggestions, so if you know an artist I left off this playlist, feel free to give me your suggestions for volume 2 on Facebook or Twitter!

What lies for the rest of the week? Well….that’s a good question. Seriously, I haven’t written it yet, which means I am way, way, waaaay behind schedule. I have something in mind, but I also have a couple other writing projects to tackles. So….this week’s featured article might be a little late. Be patient though, it will transpire.

Rock on, my AudioPerfectionists – be you male, female, nonbinary, trans, or whatever! Rock and Roll is not gender specific. Everyone deserves the right to rock out.

Remember, God gave rock and roll to you!

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