That Sweet Sound of the 70s

I’ve been on an oldies kick recently. It’s mostly a comfort thing I guess – in a time when comfort is anything but readily available. When I listen to the music of the 60s and 70s, I’m transported to those long, Sunday afternoon car rides to my grandma’s. My parents would blast the oldies station on the radio the entire time. The songs of the 70s particularly hit me in a soft spot. I was born in December of 74, so the hits of the 70s were probably some of the first songs I heard. Regardless, the songs of the 70s have a special place in my heart. They hit me right in the childhood. This week’s playlist, That Sweet Sound of the 70s, celebrates the songs of my early childhood years.

That Sweet Sound of the Seventies focuses mostly on the radio-friendly, post hippy songs your average top 40 stations might play. No, there’s no disco and very little classic rock – there are only sweet, sweet songs that make your heart swoon. Featuring everyone from The Kinks, to Cass Elliot, to America, to Paul Simon. Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon, Chicago, The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, and others deliver feelings in the form of songs. If you’re around my age, these songs are guaranteed to hit you right in the childhood!

Enjoy That Sweet Sound of the 70s!

Sweet sound of the 70s

Some of those sweet sounds of the 70s came from the 60s!

Yes, a couple of the songs on this playlist were, in fact, released in 68 or 69. Deal with it. These songs were still dominating the radio waves well into the 1970s. Besides, Laura Nyro kicked musical ass! And The Band? What do you have against The Band? Ok, whatever.

This week will not have a featured article, despite it being the normal week for an article. I’ve got too many things going on, and while I know what I want to write about, I can’t make the time. Sorry. But pay no mind, as next week will be a comedy week at AudioPerfecta! We will feature a special comedy music playlist, and the featured article (which would normally come this week) will feature a beloved comic icon, Weird Al Yankovic! What am I going to do with Weird Al? You’ll have to come back and see! So make sure to come back next week, it’ll be a laugh!

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