I Listen to Anthrax for the First Time

I Listen to Anthrax for the first time! I sample the songs I Am the Law, In the End, Only, Caught in a Mosh, Madhouse, Belly of the Beast, Indians, and The Devil You Know.

Will I love Anthrax? Will I hate Anthrax? Read my thoughts as I listen to Anthrax for the very first time.

Reflecting on Life

Reflecting on Life is a list of songs that talk about our lives with songs from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Chicago, Peter Gabriel, Fleetwood Mac, and so many more.

Carry On Wayward Son Cover vs Original.

Carry On Wayward Son Cover vs Original. I compare the original Kansas song to covers by Dream Theater, Anthrax, Gwar, Stryper, The Oak Ridge Boys, John Elefante, and Rachel Rachel. Who does this classic rock song best?

I listen to Mastodon. Should You?

Today, I listen to Mastodon for the very first time, and record my results. Will I like them? Will I hate them? Only one way to find out….click the story and read my honest opinions.

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