• Musical criticism and commentary

    AC/DC Rocks Hard!

    AC/DC rocks hard....I examine how songs such as Back in Black, Highway to Hell, Thunderstruck, T.N.T., and other AC/DC classics influenced my life. There's even a humorous story about my very religious mom encountering the song "Highway to Hell in an inappropriate place. All these songs and their influence on me have made me realize one thing....AC/DC rocks hard!

  • Playlists

    Women and Guitars

    Women and Guitars, a playlist that features female led Rock music. Featuring Joan Jett, Sleater-Kinney, Garbage, Heart, Doro, Belly, The Breeders, and more! Celebrate the women of rock as you blast this playlist from your loudest speakers!

  • Playlists

    80s Hard Rock: The Revenge!

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love rock and roll. I have several playlists dedicated to rocking out, including It Will Get Loud, It Will Get Loud II, Songs About Rock, and even Christian Rock Hard. Give me some loud guitars, overproduced vocals, and a fast tempo and I am happy. I don’t even care if the lyrics suck…just let me loose me turn it to 11, and I’m freaking happy. Ok, ok, I do like a lot of complicated music – but sometimes I just want to rock out. And as someone who reached adolescence in the mid 80s, 80s Hard Rock gives me a…

  • Retro Music Review

    Led Zeppelin IV: Retro Music Review

    Led Zeppelin IV, the best selling Led Zeppelin album. Does it stand the test of time? Does Led Zeppelin IV age well? We examine the album song by song. From Black Dog to When the Levee Breaks. From Rock and Roll, to Stairway to Heaven. Misty Mountain Hop, Going to California, Four Sticks, and the Battle of Evermore. All the songs from Led Zeppelin IV reviewed.

  • Cover vs Original

    Somebody to Love Covers: Jefferson Airplane and Beyond

    Somebody To Love Covers - Including Jefferson Airplane, The Ramones, Mother's Finest, Great White, W.A.S.P., In Tua Nua, Saint Privat, and more! Which cover does justice to the original? And does Jefferson Airplane's version of the song define Somebody To Love, or should we all listen to The Great Society's version instead?