Rock the Block: It Will Get Loud III

It’s time for another rock and roll playlist. It’s time to crank the volume and rock the block! Yes, your neighbors are going to complain, but you know what? Who cares! When you got to rock out, you got to rock out. OK, ok, be a good neighbor. Don’t turn your stereo up so loud that the people living in the next apartment hate your guts. Seriously, keeping the peace is important. However, you should play this week’s playlist, Rock The Block, as loud as your environment allows.

Rock the Block: It Will Get Loud III is the latest in a continuing series of playlists meant to be played loud. Your ears will bleed with every song on this list. Starting with The Beatles genre experiment, Helter Skelter and including everyone from Prince to Sleater-Kinney to Against Me! to The Who. Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Def Leppard, Tenacious D, Billy Idol, U2, Dead Kennedys, Screaming Females, and a few artists you probably don’t know all make appearances in It Will Get Loud III.

So, pump up the volume and put your speakers in the window! It’s time to Rock the Block. But seriously, don’t piss off your neighbors. They know where you live!

Rock the Block

Rock the Block features no songs from this week’s article.

I try to include a song from the featured article in each weekly playlist. This is not the case with Rock the Block. That’s kind of the point of this week’s featured article. Why? Because I write about artists and albums that are not available on streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify. Sure, most songs can be found on YouTube, but even those songs are often through third parties and subject to be taken down by copyright laws. So, this week I give some love to these albums and artists, although it’s hard to access these albums. Come back this Saturday and find out which albums and artists I choose.

Rock on, and rock hard my fellow music lovers. And remember, listen to your music loud!

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