Women in Punk Rock

While assembling any given rock playlist, I’m always reminded of the fact that women are far from equally represented in the rock genres. This is a huge shame, as women can and do rock harder than any man. This disparity finds itself particularly present in the “harder” subgenres of rock. Take punk rock for instance. Name the ten best punk bands. If you’re anything like Rolling Stone’s readers, all ten will bands will be male bands. Long story short, this week’s playlist celebrates women in punk rock.

Women in Punk Rock features some of the best punk rock has ever recorded. From The Runways, to Screaming Females. From Patti Smith to Sleater-Kinney. Fanny, The Breeders, Belly, Le Tigre, The Go-Gos, the list goes on. There’s also radio-friendly artists, such as The Bangles and Pat Benatar. A ton of Riot Grrrl bands make the list. There’s also shoegazer bands, such as Lush and Velocity Girl. Whatever, I’m not a punk purist. What matters is these women play punk rock, and they play punk rock well.

Crank up the volume. Women in Punk Rock should be played loud and bold.

Women in Punk Rock

Why isn’t Blondie in Women in Punk?

That seems like a huge oversight, right? This is why I want to address this specifically. One of the criteria for this week’s playlist had to do with lead guitars. After all, guitars and vocals are the most dominant parts of punk music. While Debbie Harry made Blondie what they are, she didn’t play guitar. This is also why I excluded the band Garbage, as well as one of my all-time favorite bands, Blonde Redhead. Women in Punk needs to be about women being more than just a voice. But for the record, I almost included the song “One Way or Another” on this list anyways. You might also wonder why I didn’t list Bikini Kill. Firstly, they were fully represented on Women and Guitars, and this list serves as a kind of part two to that playlist. Secondly, I had a Le Tigre song, and so it felt like a double up. Maybe I’m just overthinking things. Whatever.

Folks, I have no idea what I’m doing for this week’s article. I’ve been so busy training on my new day job, that I haven’t had time to write. I might just make another playlist and call it good. Most likely though, I’ll write something regardless. And it will be good, I promise.

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