A Playlist About Texas

A Playlist about Texas.

Folks, as I write this – I’m a long way from home. Yesterday I hopped on a plane and ended up in San Antonio. No, no – this is no random trip – I had planned this voyage for quite some time. Having said that – I’m pretty sure I never expected to visit the great state of Texas until a few months ago. And yet here I am. Anyways – since home is nearly two thousand miles away – I decided to put together a playlist about my current location. So – here’s my playlist about Texas.

Some of these songs are only loosely based upon Texas. “Take me Back to Love Canal” for instance only briefly mentions Houston. Bob Dylan’s “Lilly of the West” actually doesn’t really mention Texas at all. In fact, aside from country and western songs (which have their fair share of representation in this playlist) it was surprisingly hard to find songs about Texas. So, that being said – some of these songs are a bit tongue in cheek. So if you’re reading this and happen to be from Texas, please forgive me. This is by no means a slam against your state. And if you really do get offended, just remember – I come from Oregon and we have PLENTY of things to mock.

Enjoy the playlist about Texas.

What’s next? A Playlist of Texas bands?

Well – not exactly. However later this week watch out for an artist exploration of my favorite Texas based band, The Polyphonic Spree. You might know them as that band who played on Scrubs once – or maybe you know them from a Volkswagen commercial about twelve years ago. Regardless, you should know “The Spre.” At twenty plus members, they have quite an interesting sound. Twenty plus members, holy crap! I guess everything really is bigger in Texas!

Take care everyone, and enjoy this week’s playlist.

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