• Artist Exploration

    I Listen to Yoko Ono: Oh No!

    I listen to Yoko Ono for the first time, and ask the question "Should you listen to Yoko Ono?" I explore several of Yoko's songs, and grade each song. From Kiss, Kiss, Kiss to No, No No. Touch Me, Walking On Thin Ice, Death of Samantha, You're the One, Yes I'm Your Angel, and more! Will you like Yoko after listening to these songs? Will I? Read on to find out.

  • Covers of Ring of Fire
    Cover vs Original

    Which Cover of Ring of Fire Burns the Brightest?

    Join me as I compare Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" to several covers, including Eric Burdon and The Animals, a second version by the Eric Burdon band, Wall of Voodoo, Dwight Yoakam, Social Distortion, Frank Zappa, and Alan Jackson. What makes them stand out from each other, and what makes each version similar?

  • Artist Exploration

    Ween is Weird, and That’s Ok!

    Have you ever heard of the Band Ween? Have you ever wondered - what makes this band tick? Maybe you've listened to a few of their songs - only to find yourself lost in a sea of - What the heck is this? This article is here to help guide you into the wonderful world that is the Ween catalog. I'll hold your hand, and guide you from the shallows and into the deeps. It'll be a fun journey - so come on and take a swim!

  • Playlists

    Elvis Costello – Pump it up, Veronica!

    Elvis Costello canceled the six dates of his European tour to recover from surgery due to Cancer. This sentence brought me such turmoil, such anguish. It sounds like, according to the press release on his website, Costello should be ok. I wish the man well, as I really do not want him to fully recover. However, I must say my well wishes for Costello is not just about his own well being – but also for my own. I know this sounds selfish, but I would be heartbroken if Elvis Costello died. Of course this will happen to everyone. Bowie died, Prince died, Micheal Jackson, and countless other musicians have…

  • Playlists

    Portland Playlist Volume 1.

    Dear friends, I lied. I said this last Friday in June will be a travel playlist. In actuality, it will be a home town playlist! I mean, what is travel without a homecoming? Besides, the music scene in Portland is amazing! Honestly, it has always been amazing – and that’s why I felt the need to bring to you, my readers, a Portland Playlist. This list includes many of my personal favorites: The Decemberists, Quasi, Menomena. To be truthful, there’s a few artists on this list that I deem listenable, but are far from my favorites. However, I felt like my city is defined by some of these artists –…