50 States and 50 Songs

50 States and 50 Songs.

Last week, I stated that this week’s playlist would be playlist #51. I miscounted, and that’s kind of a good thing. You see – this playlist is a special playlist – in honor of the 50th playlist of AudioPerfecta, I’ve put together a playlist called “50 States and 50 songs.”

The idea about 50 States, 50 Songs comes from the fact that AudioPerfecta’s playlist started as a bunch of traveling playlist. The very first playlist, which I launched as a surprise, was an homage to road trips across this vast country and beyond. In the following weeks, I launched a sort of world tour. I started in Japan, flew to France, then England and Scotland. I found my way back in the US with a New York Playlist, and then I headed home to Portland!

I’ve also written a couple other travel playlists earlier this year. I released a Playlist when I traveled to Texas, and I released a coming home playlist when I finally returned. Long story short – a 50 States and 50 Songs Playlist fits right into AudioPerfecta’s milieu.

A few words about the Playlist. Some states were harder to find songs than others (my own state included!). I tried to find songs about the state as a whole – and not about a certain city. That proved impossible at times (New York for instance). Some states were just tapped out (Oregon, Texas), and some states just didn’t have that many songs about them. So – if you don’t like your state’s song, I did my best. But if you have a better suggestion, why not leave it in the comments?

Enjoy the playlist!

50 States, 50 songs – well, 51 songs…

Yeah – I threw a song in there for Washington DC as well. I mean – this was supposed to be the 51st playlist after all. Besides, are you really complaining about a Postal Service classic? Shame on you!

Whatever, I’m over it. What’s coming up this week? I’ll tell you – this week I get down home and personal. I write about how music takes me back to my childhood. I’ll explore such topics as donut music (a genre I made up entirely), songs that explore childhood fears, and songs that just make me…feel. Again – a personal and special article, so come back on Thursday!

The next few playlists are all laid out, including a welcome to Spring playlist for next week, a “NSFW” song list the following week, and come Easter, a very special playlist for, well, Easter.

By the way – have you checked out my side project, FictionalPDX? I post a new story once a month. This month’s story has to do with the famed Mill Ends Park leprechauns. I also write about alien invasions and families living on bridges. It’s a lot of fun – so check it out! See you tomorrow.

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