• Feelin' Groovy

    Feelin’ Groovy

    Peace, love, and all that good stuff. That's what Feelin' Groovy will give you. We've reached the month of May, where the sun shines bright and warm. It just makes you want to hear some groovy tunes. Feelin' Groovy, a playlist of 1960s and 70s peace, love, and all that good stuff. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, and more!

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    A Christmas Playlist of Cheer (and Other Things)

    Cheer (and Other Things). A playlist for Christmas both celebrating the Joy and hope of the holidays, and yet also acknowledging the pain and sadness that also comes with the season. Some of my favorite Christmas songs make an appearance. Some songs you don't normally associate with Christmas also make an appearance. Featuring Smashing Pumpkins, U2, Over the Rhine, The Barenaked Ladies, Amy Grants, The Muppets (with John Denver), The Henry Mancini Orchestra, and even Elvis Costello in . a Bear Costume.

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    A Musical Sermon on Love

    Today, instead of just sharing a bunch of songs, I am going to preach through a musical sermon. Today, we will discuss the topic of love. Not just romantic love mind you – but love in general. We desperately need more love and less hate in this world. Those of you who live in the US know how divided our country has become. I will try to avoid politics, but the division in this country has gotten stronger and stronger for decades now. We keep finding more and more things to wedge between us. I almost feel like group A is against anything that group B is for, and vice…