Singing Love Songs

Singing Love Songs

Valentine’s day. For some, this brings thoughts of loneliness and hopelessness. For others, there’s an excitement that comes with the day dedicated to St. Valentine. Some just see Valentine’s day as another day. My partner and I won’t get to see each other due to her work schedule. Still, I’m ok with this. I’m just happy enough to have her in my life. We can devote another day to singing love songs. I spent so many years being in the loneliness and hopelessness category, so I’m grateful for what I have. But I digress.

In honor of Valentine’s Day. I put together a playlist of love songs. You might remember several months ago, when I put together a playlist of songs about love. This playlist will essentially be the opposite, as that playlist was not about romance, while this playlist is all about the romance. Singing love songs is here to celebrate the love between – well – lovers. I will warn you, while I put some amazingly well written songs in this playlist, there’s a few songs where schmaltz factor is pretty darned high. Love songs can be pretty cheesy – but that’s perfect for you and your sweetheart. I guess The Magnetic Fields said it best in “The Book of Love:”

The book of love has music in it
In fact that’s where music comes from
Some of it is just transcendental
Some of it is just really dumb

The Book of Love lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

So turn down the lights, start up this playlist, and have a romantic evening with just you and your significant other.

But what if you don’t feel like singing love songs?

My apologies for those of you who just don’t like get into Valentine’s Day. I remember in my single days, I had a few pet names for it. Black (whatever day of the week it landed on). Even now – I almost feel like I’m betraying my former self for celebrating Valentine’s Day . But you know what? Having those experiences make celebrating Valentine’s Day even more special. I hope you too experience that – I really do. Besides – my former self should know that I earned this!

Still – there’s other things to do on Valentine’s Day. If you have any connection to the great state of Oregon, you could celebrate the day we became a state.

Singing love songs...about Oregon.
30 years before Washington!

Whatever you do, I say do something special for yourself. If you’re not wanting to be around couples, maybe stay home and dive into a hobby. If you do want to go out – then go out! Go see a movie, go out to eat. Have fun! Whatever you do, if you’re singing love songs or not, I hope Valentine’s Day this year is special.

I’ll end with a meme. Why? Because I dig this meme out every year and I send it to my partner. So….happy Valentine’s babe! I’m glad you get my sick and wrong sense of humor. By the way Cristina – your name is the only name in any of the songs on this playlist. 😉 I even excluded a Dead Milkmen song to make this happen. And you of all people know how much I love the Dead Milkmen!

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