A Musical Sermon on Love

A musical sermon on love.

Today, instead of just sharing a bunch of songs, I am going to preach through a musical sermon. Today, we will discuss the topic of love. Not just romantic love mind you – but love in general.

We desperately need more love and less hate in this world. Those of you who live in the US know how divided our country has become. I will try to avoid politics, but the division in this country has gotten stronger and stronger for decades now. We keep finding more and more things to wedge between us. I almost feel like group A is against anything that group B is for, and vice versa. Meanwhile, both groups seem to find something new to be afrid of on a daily basis. This is a dangerous path! To quote Yoda, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Perhaps quoting a space puppet in the worst Star Wars movie might not sway you in this musical sermon, but my point is – we need more love and less bloody hate and fear! And yes – love is the opposite of fear. Enough of my words though – this is a musical sermon, so listen to these songs. While you listen, let the messages of these songs impact your soul. Love each-other! 

To conclude this musical sermon on love…

The last song on this playlist is a song I feel might be one of the most annoying songs ever written. So, why would I include it in my musical sermon? Because the message says exactly what I want to convey – “Reach Out Of the Darkness” screams a message of getting together – reaching beyond our boundaries and beyond our fears to embrace what we “do not care for.” That, my friends, is love.

I must admit, I also included this song to “practice what I preach.” Again – I kind of hate this song, but I knew that putting aside my petty feelings for this song surely would help my message.

I hope you enjoyed my musical sermon. Maybe I’ll do more if I get positive feedback (that’s a big hint to tell me what you think people). Stay tuned for later in this week as I compare the song “Because the Night” against several covers! It’ll be fun!

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