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A Christmas Playlist of Cheer (and Other Things)

A Christmas Playlist of Cheer (and Other Things)

Christmas time has come….so the inevitable Christmas Playlist of Cheer (and other things) from AudioPerfecta is nigh!  This playlist serves as a playlist of songs that I love to listen to at Christmas. Some of the these songs are more traditional, and some of these are less than traditional. Some of these songs aren’t really Christmas songs at all, but remind me of Christmas. A great example – “Disarm” by the Smashing Pumpkins. Yeah – but those bells! I just love those bells!

This Christmas playlist of cheer (and other things) includes some of my favorite artists: U2, Over the Rhine, and even Elvis Costello in a bear’s stomach! (see A Colbert Christmas for more explanation). A Christmas playlist of cheer (and other things) also includes some childhood throwbacks featuring Henry Mancini’s amazing orchestra, The Muppets (and John Denver), and of course – the classic Peanuts anthem, Linus and Lucy.

As a tribute to my mom, I also placed Boney M’s “Mary’s Boy Child.” This was her favorite Christmas song, and I always tried to find a way for her to listen to it. And now I’m crying – which has happened a lot this season. That’s why I put “the other things” in this playlist – Christmas can be hard, especially when you’ve lost someone. There’s a few sad songs in here to reflect upon this sadness. 

Merry Christmas everyone. Even if you feel sad during the holidays, I hope you have a great season regardless.

More Christmas cheer (and other things).

I have every article I plan on publishing in the month of December already planned, and Christmas will play a huge part! Later this week, I’ll be doing a very special, holiday edition of “Cover vs Original,” featuring “Do they Know it’s Christmas Time.” I’ll also be publishing a similar article, comparing several different styles of “Winter Wonderland.” Finally, the week before Christmas I’ll be publishing a second Christmas playlist, this time focusing on some of the more annoying, and yet fun Holiday songs. 

But wait – what about the other things? Firstly – I mentioned that Christmas can be hard. If you feel this way – I encourage you to read my article,  “The Holidays are more than just the individual.” I cried probably more while writing that article than any other piece I’ve ever written. Maybe you’ll find a little solace in what I have to say.

On a happier note, next week is my birthday – so I’m putting together a playlist of some of my favorite songs! This should be fun!  Finally  – the last week of the year will be dedicated to the best of 2018! It might not be the traditional “best of” list but it will be worth it – trust me!

Happy holidays!