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7 Albums not available on Streaming Services

6 Albums not available on streaming services (and one artist) you should listen to. Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine, The Violet Burning, Joanna Newsom, Devo, The Innocence Mission, and Brigid Boden.

Singing Love Songs

A playlist dedicated to love songs. Featuring Peter Gabriel, Regina Spektor, The Magnetic Fields, The Carpenters, and so many more. Play it for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, or any day you want to get romantic.

Steve Taylor – Squint (1993)

The album “Squint” by Steve Taylor is 25 years old as of just a few weeks ago. I feel like it was just released, and I still listen to the album several times a month. From “The Lament of Desmond….” to “The Moshing Floor” to “Cash Cow,” I’ll examine this album and ask “Does Squint still hold up?”

The Chill Pill Playlist…

When I was a teen, “take a chill pill” was a common lexicon. Circa 1992, if someone said this to you, a) they were probably annoyed and/or aggravated with you, and b) you probably needed to mellow out. As an adult, I recognize more than ever that sometimes we need to take a chill pill. …

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