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    Yacht Rock Revenge!

    Yacht Rock Revenge, featuring Ambrosia, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Seals and Croft, Christopher Cross, America, Player, and more! Sip mimosas , eat lobster, listen to this playlist, and contemplate the finer things of life. If you have a yacht, well, bring this playlist along next time you go sailing!

  • Feelin' Groovy
    Weekly Playlists

    Feelin’ Groovy

    Peace, love, and all that good stuff. That's what Feelin' Groovy will give you. We've reached the month of May, where the sun shines bright and warm. It just makes you want to hear some groovy tunes. Feelin' Groovy, a playlist of 1960s and 70s peace, love, and all that good stuff. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, and more!

  • Weekly Playlists

    70s and 80s Soft Rock Supercoma…

    Ahhh, Soft Rock…so mellow, so relaxing. Forget about that hard stuff – it makes my ears bleed. I want to go out on my yacht, drink mimosas and enjoy the sun. Metallica or Alice In Chains? No thanks – that’s too dark and heavy. I need something positive…something light….something that won’t challenge my worldview too much. I need a soft rock supercoma. Ok, so that’s a bit harsh. I love soft rock – but to say it doesn’t challenge my world view? Wrong. I will say it brings me a peace that no other music can – especially soft rock from the 70s and 80s. I don’t know what it…