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    Angry Songs – Volume 1

    Angry songs - Volume 1. A playlist for those times when you just need to feel some angst. Featuring songs by Smashing Pumpkins, The Rolling Stones, Green Day, Veruca Salt, Loggins and Messina and so many more. Genres include Punk, Pop, Rock, Hair Metal, Alternative, and more! Get Angry, folks! Get Angry!

  • Covers of Ring of Fire
    Cover vs Original

    Which Cover of Ring of Fire Burns the Brightest?

    Join me as I compare Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" to several covers, including Eric Burdon and The Animals, a second version by the Eric Burdon band, Wall of Voodoo, Dwight Yoakam, Social Distortion, Frank Zappa, and Alan Jackson. What makes them stand out from each other, and what makes each version similar?

  • Music Reviews

    Best Albums of 2018

    The end of the year is a time of reflection on all the good music we've heard. 2018 had a lot of amazing albums, and a lot of amazing artists. Join me as I explore my favorite albums of 2018. Some of these albums will be familiar to you, and some not so familiar. Regardless - you'll love what year hear!

  • Artist Exploration

    Ween is Weird, and That’s Ok!

    Have you ever heard of the Band Ween? Have you ever wondered - what makes this band tick? Maybe you've listened to a few of their songs - only to find yourself lost in a sea of - What the heck is this? This article is here to help guide you into the wonderful world that is the Ween catalog. I'll hold your hand, and guide you from the shallows and into the deeps. It'll be a fun journey - so come on and take a swim!