Songs of Remorse

Songs of Remorse – featuring songs that say I’m sorry, please forgive me. Featured genres: Alternative, R&B, Comedy, Pop, Adult Contemporary.

Photo Credit: Jem Cohen

Monster Turns 25

Monster Turns 25 this month. In celebration, we take a fresh look at this groundbreaking album by R.E.M. Will the heavy guitar sounds of the folk rock quartet make me lose my religious revery of Monster? Will I find Monster just as fresh as the day I first heard the album? Read on and find out!

Smells Like Teen Spirit Covers – Whatever

Smells Like Teen Spirit Covers by Tori Amos, The Muppets, Patti Smith, Paul Anka, Weird Al Yankovic, Kathleen Hanna, and more! Which cover blows our minds? Which covers get Smells Like Teen Spirit right? And which covers actually outshine the original Nirvana version?

Should You Listen to Muse?

In an experiment, I listen to Muse for the very first time. I analyze and grade several of Muse’s top tracks, and I ask if others should Listen to Muse. Will I like Muse? Will I hate them? The only way to find out is to click on the article and read for yourself!

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