Middle-Aged Parking Lot Music

My partner and I, like most adult couples during the pandemic, pretty much only get out to do errands. This is just what we do on our days off; we traverse the stores. One day, while my partner had a return at a big box store, I decided to sit in the car with the music blaring. I realized I had Alice In Chains at max volume in the middle of a suburban parking lot. How middle-aged Gen X is that? Whatever, it was fun so much fun. A couple of weeks later, I did the very same thing with “Die for Your Government” by Anti-Flag. Yeah, in the middle of a Costco parking lot. So rebellious! If it’s not obvious, I’m mocking myself. So, in the spirit of making fun of myself, I’ve made a “Middle-Aged Parking Lot Music” playlist.

What constitutes Middle-Aged Parking Lot Music? The song has to sound good loud. It helps if the song is rebellious, but at the very least, it’s got to be a bit counter-culture. The playlist features musicians such as Beastie Boys, Dead Kennedys, Ween, Primus, Alice In Chains, Rammstein, and more. You’ll be caught stealing with Jane’s Addiction, and you’ll sing all the pretty songs with Nirvana. You’ll give it away with RHCP, and you’ll even find a cool place to park with Gwar! This playlist will, as Ben Folds once said, have you Rockin’ the Suburbs. You better look out, because I’m gonna say $#%@##$#@$@$@#!!!!!!!!

Enjoy Middle-Aged Parking Lot Music, but try to remember, you’re in public. You don’t want security knocking on the car window telling you to turn the music down. Or maybe you do, just so you can tell the spam to fodder off!

Middle-Aged Parking Lot Music

What comes after Middle-Aged Parking Lot Music?

Well, I guess, in about twenty years, Old-Aged parking lot music. Ok, that was a bad joke. But seriously, I’m still blasting the loud music at 45, I’ll probably be blasting the music at age 70. Why not?

In other news, yes, there will be a new featured article early next week! Yes, I am so excited. I’m still writing it, but it’s going to be fun. I’ve also got a few articles planned for the coming months. And with the holidays around the corner, I’ll be doing some special articles featured on holiday music. Maybe a holiday-themed cover vs original, and maybe even a new round of the holiday shame train. Whatever I do, it will be fun! So make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already yet. You won’t want to miss what I’ve got coming!

Rock on, and rocksteady!

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