Hard Rock Ballads

Sometimes when you’re rocking out, you need a little break. You need something to give your ears a little rest – a slow, soft, and gentle song is in order. Bands know this…and they accommodate this need. That’s why on probably  ninety percent of hard rock albums, they give you one of these songs – …

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Christian Rock Hard!

Ever since the 70s, a seemingly impossible genre has emerged – the genre of Christian Rock. Both religious and non-religious peoples have come out against this genre. Some mock Christian Rock, some call it oxymoronic, some even say the genre is of the devil. Heck – one of my favorite episodes of South Park totally …

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A Musical Sermon on Love

Today, instead of just sharing a bunch of songs, I am going to preach through a musical sermon. Today, we will discuss the topic of love. Not just romantic love mind you – but love in general. We desperately need more love and less hate in this world. Those of you who live in the …

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