• Disco Party 2019!

    Disco Party 2019!

    Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting when I was born. Seriously - that was the number one song that week. Disco was huge, and would only get bigger. Nowadays, it's cool to hate disco, but maybe we need to get over ourselves and just have fun. After all, disco is a fun genre. So turn your snobbery off and listen to Disco Party 2019!

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    Instrumentals for Everyone.

    I put so much emphasis on lyrics, that today I want to focus on instrumentals. Sometimes we need to forget about words – and just let our brains absorb the music – let the meaning of the music really hit our soul. Feel the rhythm, the guitars, dulcimers, drums, bass, keyboards, and whatever other instrument might find its way into any given instrumental. Don’t worry – despite this article’s image, there will be no alpine horns. Though if I had found a decent example – I might have included a song with said horns. What do I mean by instrumentals? Do I mean classical music? Well – not really. Sure,…