This is Modern Swing!

Last week, with my Disco Playlist, I brought you the first part in a three part series – a series devoted to dance music. Today, I bring you the second installment – a modern swing playlist. This playlist will move your feet, just as last week’s playlist moved your feet. However, the modern swing playlist will not have you doing the hustle or – whatever that dance John Travolta did in Saturday Night Fever. Instead, you’ll be doing the jitterbug, the boogie woogie, and a bunch more 1940s inspired dances. Oh, but here’s the twist – you’ll be doing these dances to modern music!

So, what is modern swing? Modern swing encompases several genres. There’s the old school revivalist genres – essentially the same styles people heard in the 40s and 50s. There’s also several bands that takes traditional styles and fuses them with hip hop, EDM, house, and other more electronic and modern genres and instrumentation. “Electro Swing” uses synthesizers, rap, electronic drums, and the like – all mixed with traditional swing and jazz.

So grab your best partner, and swing to a modern beat with bands such as Caravan Palace, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Parov Stelar, The (new) Squirrel Nut Zippers, Swing Republic, and many more! This is modern swing!

Want more modern swing?

I mean, who can blame you? I must admit – modern swing is a genre I’ve only recently explored – and I’m sure there’s a ton of artists I know absolutely nothing about. Regardless – I have a few articles planned over the next couple months featuring music such as you heard in this playlist. So sit back and relax – you’ll get plenty of this music soon enough.

This is Modern Swing!

In fact, this week, this week’s featured article focuses on the latest incantinaton of The Squirrel Nut Zippers. You probably remember this band from back in the 90s. The song “Hell” was, well, Hot. So hot, SNZ named that album “Hot.” Long story short, they’re back – kind of. Most of the band has gone onto other projects, but there’s a new band. I explore this new version of SNZ, and I ask if they’re “hot” or not. Get it? Hot? The album hot? Ok, ok, I laughed.

One last thing…

I wanted to make this playlist for quite some time, but I always found something else to give everyone. But the stars aligned, and here we are! I hope you enjoyed this playlist as much as I enjoyed making it. A quick rundown of some of the playlists coming at you in the next few weeks. Next week comes the final of the dance trilogy playlists, focusing on electro pop of the 80s. Next will be some of the most depressing 90s songs you’ll ever hear. There’s a nerd rock playlist, a playlist focusing on bass guitars, and so many, many MANY more. Make sure to come by every week – or just subscribe and you’ll get these playlists in your inbox. How cool is that?

Let me know if you want more! Or if you have an idea for a playlist! I’m all ears!

All ears for modern swing.
I’m all ears!
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