Audio Sensations: Captivating Sounds II

Several months back, I put together a playlist called Captivating Sounds. The captivating songs playlist focuses on songs that just sound interesting. Maybe there’s an interesting drum beat, maybe a weird effect, or maybe an ethereal quality to the song – whatever, the songs from captivating sounds captivate your ears. This week’s playlist, Audio Sensations, is the sequel to Captivating Sounds. In other words, this week’s playlist provides you with more songs that will captivate your ears.

Audio Sensations: Captivating Sounds II features some artists you know, and some artists you don’t know. Mainstays such as Peter Gabriel, Joe Jackson, and U2. This week’s playlist also features several artists you might not know: Django Django, Guts, and Jellyfish come to mind. Of course, a few legends such as Candido, Cream, Laura Nyro, and Donald Byrd also find a place on Captivating Sounds. All in all – this week’s playlist will fill your ears with music you either already love, or music you will love once you’ve heard it.


Audio Sensations: Captivating Sounds II

Do you want more audio sensations?

Of course you do! A volume three of this series will no doubt find its way to you, probably in the next six months. For now though, there are plenty other interesting sounds coming your way! For instance – next week will be a halloween themed playlist! Oh, but not just any halloween theme….no….next week’s playlist will focus on items that provide us with real life terror! Forget the ghosts and goblins, these are the terrors you could face on any given day! Oh, it will be depressing….but it will also be frightening. Come back next week….and get the ever loving crap scared out of you… real life! Mwahahahahahah!

This week’s featured article is kind of horror based itself. Ok, ok, maybe not – but I do explore a band that uses a pentagram as their symbol. I listen to, for the very first time, one of the big 4 of thrash metal…..ANTHRAX! I take an honest look at the music of Anthrax. I also either confirm or confront their status as a s”big 4″ band. Will I love Anthrax? Will I hate them? Come back Friday, and you’ll find out.

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