Forest From the Trees: Listen to This 2

Folks, every song is a tree. Every grouping of songs is a forest. When I make a new playlist, I’m metaphorically planting a forest. However, it’s really important to see this playlist, not as a whole, but several parts that make a whole. It’s really important to see the forest from the trees. And yes, the forest is important – I cultivate these playlists to have a certain flow, and every song contributes to the forest. Yet without the individual nuances of the songs, my symbolic forest would be nothing! Ok, maybe I’m going too far with this metaphor. Whatever, I studied literature in college! My point is this. Listen to the entire playlist, but also listen to each song individually.

So what is this week’s forest? What kinds of trees make up this week’s playlist? A bunch of awesome songs! In the spirit of the last Listen to this playlist, the songs on this week’s playlist will be songs you might not recognize. Sure, there are a few familiar species – Gigantic by (The) Pixies and Add it Up by The Violent Femmes. There are artists you’ll know, Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, Belle & Sebastian, and even Dinosuaur Jr. However, you’ll also hear some artists that might be a little lesser-known. Black Grape, Grotus, and Aztec Camera. What’s a walk in the forest without seeing trees you never saw before?

Enjoy every song on this week’s playlist, Forest From the Trees (Listen to This 2).

Forest From The Trees

Forest From the Trees has you covered

Get it? Because Forest From the Trees starts and ends with a cover. Ok, ok, maybe that was a dumb joke, but whatever. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed Forest from the Trees. I had a great time making this specific playlist, as it includes songs and artists that really mean a lot to me. I also hope that you heard a few songs you will love and cherish for the rest of your life.

With that said, maybe you want to tell me about some songs you think I’ll love and cherish? Well, I’m always looking for new music. Let me know about these songs in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Keep looking for those forest, but pay attention to the individual trees all.

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