Captivating Sounds Vol. 3 – Groove to It!

Sometimes you just want to listen to the rhythm and the sounds of music – forget about the words. Maybe you’re tired of that lovey-dovey stuff, maybe you’re sick of political music. Whatever your reasoning, we all just need to turn our brains off and groove. That’s what this week’s playlist is all about. Groove to It! is a collection of songs that, well, one can really groove to.

Grove to It! will get you dancing and moving. Sometimes that groove will be fast, with songs by David Byrne, Bootsy Collins, and Daft Punk. Sometimes that groove slows things down a bit, with songs by Tennis, Cults, and Rufus Wainwright. Legends such as BB King, George Clinton, and Chubby Checker make an appearance, as do indie favorites Sleigh Bells, Ratatat, and Black Kids. Grove to It! gives you a well-balanced diet of music to please your ears.

Enjoy this weeks Playlist, and keep on groovin’ throughout the week!

Groove to It! Listen to This Volume 1.

Groove to It brings changes!!!

Ok, not really. There are no changes at all. I used “Let’s Dance” instead. Get it, David Bowie? Ok, ok, that was a bad joke (at least I laughed).

ANYWAYS, Originally, there was going to be no Youtube version of Captivating Sounds Vol. 3, as my conversion tool was not working. However, I found a workaround! I even learned how to create custom artwork for a YouTube Playlist. It takes about 15 minutes more, so we’ll see if I do this in subsequent playlists. But this playlist has a custom image! I’m so proud.

By the way, you might notice this week’s playlist is captivating sounds volume 3. If you want more captivating sounds, go check out Volumes 1 and 2. These are some of my all-time favorite playlists, and I plan on bringing more in the future.

Later This week!

Be sure to come back this Friday, as we compare 9, yes 9 different versions of a classic song. We’ll be doing a comparison of the song (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66. Will I like Nat King Cole’s version? What about the Depeche Mode version? Also, what’s up with the Andrews Sisters chanting “666” in their 1947 version? Now that I’ve gotten your attention, you’ll be sure to come back on Friday. You’ll get a kick out of it, on Route 66.

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