Captivating Sounds (Volume 1)

Captivating Sounds - songs to make you go hmmmmm.

Music captivates me. It always has, it always will. Still – there’s some songs that captivate me more than others. Some songs grab my ear like no other. These captivating sounds may remind me of childhood, yes, but some of these captivating sounds go beyond that. No, some of these sounds just sound interesting. This playlist pays homage to those captivating songs and sounds.

Truth be told, this playlist is a “reboot” of a pre-AudioPerfecta playlist. A great deal of these songs come from a playlist I did just over a year ago called “Groovin in the Evening.” The playlist made me realize how much I love to share music with others. In all honesty, if it weren’t for this proto-playlist, AudioPerfecta might not have playlists at all. This would be tragic, as my playlists prove as the most popular feature on audioperfecta! So, why am I rebooting this playlist now? Because AudioPerfecta, or at least the idea of AudioPerfecta, happened one year ago! Maybe not to the day, but this week marks our first anniversary of bringing good music to good people. Wow!

So, without further adieu, I bring you Grooving in the AM, err, Captivating Sounds (Volume 1). I truly hope these sounds captivate you as much as they captivate me.

Will there be a Captivating Sounds (Volume 2)?

The short answer is yes. As far as when, well, probably not till next April. We’ll see though – I might just get inspired to produce a new playlist of Captivating Sounds. Regardless – you’ll find songs that captivate and inspire you regularly in the playlist archive.

You know where else you’ll find good music? On the AudioPerfecta Twitter and Facebook pages of course. You’ll also find goodies, like music news, the #coveroftheday, and a whole lot more! So give AudioPerfecta a follow! What have you got to loose?

Come back tomorrow, and you’ll find a discussion on the best album of the 80s. I compare 8 strong contenders, and choose one to rule them all! It’ll be fun, ya’ll!

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