soft rock

Yacht Rock Revenge!

Yacht Rock Revenge, featuring Ambrosia, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Seals and Croft, Christopher Cross, America, Player, and more! Sip mimosas , eat lobster, listen to this playlist, and contemplate the finer things of life. If you have a yacht, well, bring this playlist along next time you go sailing!

Music makes me feel like a child.

A personal and special piece. I explore the emotions that music brings to me via childhood memories. And I finally share the memory behind what I always call “donut music.” This one’s a deep – deep dive into my soul folks – be gentle.

Next Time I Fall in Love – It Will be with Metaphors.

Last week, I created a playlist called the 70’s and 80’s Soft Rock Supercoma. One canonical soft rock song missing from this list: Peter Cetera (with Amy Grant) – Next Time I Fall. Some of you might wonder why this omission was made. Sure, I did include Peter Cetara’s “For the Glory of Love,” as …

Next Time I Fall in Love – It Will be with Metaphors. Read More »

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