70s and 80s Soft Rock Supercoma…

Ahhh, Soft Rock…so mellow, so relaxing. Forget about that hard stuff – it makes my ears bleed. I want to go out on my yacht, drink mimosas and enjoy the sun. Metallica or Alice In Chains? No thanks – that’s too dark and heavy. I need something positive…something light….something that won’t challenge my worldview too much. I need a soft rock supercoma.

Ok, so that’s a bit harsh. I love soft rock – but to say it doesn’t challenge my world view? Wrong. I will say it brings me a peace that no other music can – especially soft rock from the 70s and 80s. I don’t know what it is – there’s just something about hearing Michael McDonald singing “What a Fool Believes” that just triggers a dopamine rush. Maybe it’s the connection with my childhood. My parents listened to a lot of soft rock in the early 80s. Maybe there’s something deeper – maybe a peace that the nation felt during that time.

My mom had a theory – the hippies of the late 60s and early 70s started having kids and settling down to family life. So they started listening to mellower songs. Songs that were not cries of injustice, but rather just songs about life.Songs that acted like a lullaby. Mind you – I don’t know if this theory holds truth – but it sounds plausible.

Regardless of the reason – today’s playlist will make you fall into a peaceful slumber of pure 70s/80s soft rock bliss, if you let it. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Soft Rock Supercoma

Wake up from your Soft Rock Supercoma, let’s rock!

Ok, ok, you don’t have to wake up yet. Listen to this playlist a few more times if you want – just remember – variety is the spice of life. Hey, remember when I mentioned Alice In Chains earlier? Yeah – they’re on my headphones right now. Writing about soft rock while listening to grunge metal – now that’s impressive!

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