Classic CCM

Last week’s playlist featured a genre of music that was extremely influential in my musical growth – that of independent radio from the 90s and early 2000s. Well, there are several other genres and categories of music that have influenced me as well. One category of music that heavily influenced my early years, ie the …

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Songs about Easter

A musical sermon involving songs about Easter. These songs talk about The resurrection, the crucifixion, the ascension, and much more! Happy Easter.

Iona: Celtic Progressive Rock

Iona released their self-titled album in 1990 and went on to released six more studio albums and four live albums before finally disbanding in the mid 2010s. Iona’s sound was a mixture of traditional Irish folk instruments and vocals, along with more traditional rock instruments.

Music makes me feel like a child.

A personal and special piece. I explore the emotions that music brings to me via childhood memories. And I finally share the memory behind what I always call “donut music.” This one’s a deep – deep dive into my soul folks – be gentle.

Christmas: The Sacred and the Beautiful

Christmas is upon us. It’s time to stop thinking about the craziness of this season. This playlist focuses on the religious and beautiful songs we tend to focus on

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