Reflecting on Life

A former coworker and I used to do mass mailings 8 times a year. The whole ordeal would take an hour or two, and usually devolved into us talking about life, music, and philosophy. One time, my coworker mentioned the song “Once In a Lifetime” by The Talking Heads – how he listens to the song once a year as a way of reflecting on life. The song shows us the crazy paths of where our lives can lead. I always enjoyed those mailings and the conversations they birthed, but this conversation especially stuck with me. I started thinking about other songs that had this, or at least a similar effect. Finally, after probably three or four years, I’m ready to release that list to the world!

Reflecting on Life is a playlist of songs that talk about our lives. Some of these songs give us solid advice, such as “Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen).” Some of these songs, such as the acoustic version of “Message in a Bottle” talks to us about loneliness, and how we’re not alone in being alone. Of course, I’ve already talked about the reflective power of “Rainbow Connection.” We also have songs, such as Skid Row’s “I Remember You,” which talks about memories, and the almost euphoric feeling they bring us. Reflecting on Life brings us songs from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Chicago, Peter Gabriel, Fleetwood Mac, and so many more. You’ll find songs that range from classic rock, to metal, to comedy, to ballads. This week’s playlist has a little something for everyone.

So, get a warm drink, a quiet corner, and maybe a snuggie blanket. Get ready to think about life with this week’s playlist. Enjoy!

Reflecting On Life.

When Reflecting on life…

…remember what They Might Be Giants says: You’re older than you’ve ever been….and now you’re even older….and now you’re even older. Time is marching on, and time….is still marching on. In other words, don’t spend all your time navel gazing. Take the life lessons you learn, and apply them! Life’s too short to spend all your time in introspection.Take those book smarts and make them street smarts!

Speaking of introspection, this week’s featured article will be a cover vs original of a song tracing the thoughts of a killer, as he’s sentenced to his fate. Yes, I’m talking about Bohemian Rhapsody! I compare 9 seperate versions of the song, and ask which ones work the best….and why. So come back this Friday, and ask yourself….is this just real life? Is this just fantasy? Or maybe just headbang to Bohemian Rhapsody like they did in Wayne’s World.

This video makes me reflect on how much I need to watch this movie again, and soon!
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