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    Weird Songs are Weird

    Weird songs are weird....a playlist dedicated to some of those songs that are just.....odd. Maybe the melody is strange, maybe the lyrics are weird, maybe it's a little bit of both! Featuring The B-52s, Sufjan Stevens, Johnny Cash, Leonard Nimoy, Frank Zappa, Jonathan Coulton, and more!

  • Musical criticism and commentary

    Do These Hated Songs Deserve the Hate?

    Ten songs that are, for the most part, universally hated. I ask if these songs deserve the hate, and why or why not. Join me as I disect songs such as We Built This City, We Didn't Start the Fire, Who Let the Dogs Out, What's Up?, Ice Ice Baby, and more! Do these hated songs deserve the hate? I'm brutally honest here....so this should be fun!

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    The NSFW Playlist.

    This playlist will offend you. If this playlist does not offend you, then there's something wrong with you. Seriously - don't listen to this playlist at work, near your children, grandma, or pastor. Seriously - this is not a drill folks. You don't want to go there!

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    Top 50 Songs of 2018

    2018 has been a great year for AudioPerfecta. Join us as we celebrate the ending of 2018, and the beginning of 2019 with a playlist of the top 50 songs of 2018. May 2019 be just as good music wise as 2018. Happy New Year.