Spaceships And Robots – A Sci-Fi Playlist

Spaceships and Robots: A Sci-fi inspired playlist. Featuring Blondie, Radiohead, Beastie Boys, Queen, Elton John, David Bowie, and more! A guaranteed, blast off and set your phasers to stun good time. You’ll meet aliens, space beats, and so much more. Beam on up to this playlist now!

Covers of Ceremony: Let’s Break them Down

I talk about one of my all time favorite songs in this post: Ceremony by Joy Division / New Order. I also talk about various versions by Ian McCulloch, The Echoing Green, Xiu Xiu, Radiohead, Chromatics, Day Wave, and Wussy.

Instrumentals for Everyone.

I put so much emphasis on lyrics, that today I want to focus on instrumentals. Sometimes we need to forget about words – and just let our brains absorb the music – let the meaning of the music really hit our soul. Feel the rhythm, the guitars, dulcimers, drums, bass, keyboards, and whatever other instrument …

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Ladytron’s Playgirl

Ladytron will release a new album this year! I was part of the Pledgemusic campaign, and I am extremely excited. In preparation for the new album, I’ve recently listened to every Ladytron album. This made me remember a theory: In many Ladytron songs, appears a reoccurring character – the Playgirl. Ladytron portrays the character as …

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