Summer Dance Party

Last week, I promised you a Summer Dance Party playlist. Well…here it is! A playlist for you to grove to during those hot, summer nights. After all, what is summer if not a three month excuse to dance your ass off? Ok, ok, summer technically exists because the tilt of the Earth and yadda yadda yada…..but dang it….dancing! Seriously, do you really need an excuse to dance? Well, I guess if you do – Summer serves as a perfect excuse to move your feet.

The Summer Dance Party Playlist gives a perfect mixture of rock, pop, and electronica. Artists such as Daft Punk, Ladytron, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Charly Bliss, Sleigh Bells, and so many more! Oh, and all the songs on this playlist come from this century – you heard it, nothing from the 80s or 90s. You’ll be moving and grooving till you can’t move and groove any more. So shake off the dust, and pump up the stereo! If the neighbors complain, invite them over to your private dance party! That’s right, spread the love and the music. One last thing – it gets hot in the summer, so remember to drink plenty of water while dancing the night away. You don’t want to get a case of heat exhaustion. Trust me – It ain’t fun.

Enjoy the Summer Dance Party!

Summer Dance Party

One more summer dance party!

Folks, you probably want more….don’t you? You probably got to the end and said….is that it? Well, sorry folks, that’s all I’ve got for now. But you never know what future playlists will hold. Also, don’t forget to dive into the playlist archives – you might just see a playlist that suits your needs! Might I suggest Disco Party or the 80s Synth Pop dream? Or perhaps the Modern Swing Playlist?

On tap for this week, we have a retro album review. I re-examine the album “Kick” by INXS. Does Kick still rock as hard as it did in 1987? You’ll find out this Friday!

Finally friends, if you have an idea for a playlist or an article – I want to hear about it! is nothing without you, the readers and the fans. Send me a tweet, facebook message, or even an old fashioned email. Tell me what to do next and I just might do it!

Keep on Dancing!

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