Instrumentals for Everyone.

I put so much emphasis on lyrics, that today I want to focus on instrumentals. Sometimes we need to forget about words – and just let our brains absorb the music – let the meaning of the music really hit our soul. Feel the rhythm, the guitars, dulcimers, drums, bass, keyboards, and whatever other instrument might find its way into any given instrumental. Don’t worry – despite this article’s image, there will be no alpine horns. Though if I had found a decent example – I might have included a song with said horns.

What do I mean by instrumentals? Do I mean classical music? Well – not really. Sure, there’s a few classically inspired instrumentals in this playlist. Mainly, however, these songs will be more contemporary. I believe the earliest song on this playlist is from the the 60s. There’s a diversity of genres in this playlist – everything from metal to disco to easy listening. There’s songs you’ll know and songs you won’t know. Some songs will make you think, and songs songs will just relax you. 

Complex songs, or simple songs – the instrumentals in this playlist should give you a good time. So sit back, relax, maybe pour a beverage of your choice, and listen. Let your brain interpret the songs if you’re that type, or just listen passively – I’m not here to judge. I am just here to present to you this playlist of instrumentals. Enjoy!

Instrumentals For Everyone!

I love instrumentals!

You do? Well, that’s great. And that’s just dandy of me to put words in your mouth. Honestly – I said that just to shut up my SEO plugin. It likes me to include at least one heading, and my keyword should be in said heading. I hate SEO so much sometimes….but that’s another rant. 

A rant for now, is what I’ve got planned for next week. I’m currently working on an article about the how to’s in rating a song.  I am expanding a theory I first touched upon in this article. I am actually quite excited about this theory. Sure, there are other theories, but this one is mine. 

A quick note, I want to thank all of you who have given me positive feedback about this site. Every single comment I get, be it Facebook, Twitter, email, Reddit, or even in person just melts my heart. My user base keeps growing slowly but surely, and that’s extremely exciting. So if you have feedback, please, let me know! I would love to hear it. 

See you next week!